Precision Phosphor Bronze Tube 


 I.    The benefits you can get with our Precision Phosphor Bronze Tube:

1. The precision Phosphor Bronze tube is high strength, larger elasticity and stronger wear resistance, and excellent diamagnetism;

2. The precision phosphor bronze tube has excellent machining performance and chip forming performance, which can quickly shorten the processing time of parts.

3. It has high fire resistance to electric spark and can be welded and brazed.


II. Features of the seamless precision Phosphor Bronze tube

1. The precision phosphor copper tube has high strength, elasticity, wear resistance and diamagnetism;

2. High corrosion resistance in atmosphere and fresh water;

3. It can be welded, brazed and cut.


III. Advantages of seamless precision Phosphor Bronze tube

1. The copper tube has good conductivity, is not easy to heat, ensures safety and has strong fatigue resistance.

2. The copper tube is easy to be welded, forged and tinned;

3. The copper tube has no stress, corrosion and fracture tendency.


IV. Specification




Outer diameter: 0.3-3.0mm wall thickness:   0.08-0.3mm


Outer diameter: ± 0.01mm conventional; (±   0.005mm optional);                           Wall thickness: ± 0.015mm conventional; (± 0.005mm optional)


Qsn6.5-0.1 (Cu SN6 / c51900 / C5191)


HV: 90-230

Tensile strength





V. Applicable areas

It is used to make electrode tube of small hole drilling EDM machines, mechanical elastic components, corrosion-resistant parts and wear-resistant parts, etc.