EDM Repairing Machine of Metal Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheel

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      I.    The benefits you can get with our EDM Repairing machine:

1.     You can sharpen the metal bonded diamond grinding wheel efficiently;

2.     You can make the metal bonded diamond grinding wheel sharper, higher accuracy and better reliability;

II.               Features:

1. This EDM Repairing Machine is mainly used for reforming and repairing the metal bonded diamond grinding wheel of the high speed steel wire/rod roll rings grinding machine, adopting the principle of the electrical discharge machining.

 V shape.pngR r.png

2. To grind the R-sharp groove or V-sharp groove on the carbide roll rings of the high speed steel wire/rod roll milling machine, we have designed and produced two types of CNC machines: CNC grinding machine of the roll ring and the CNC EDM repairing machine of metal bonded diamond grinding wheel. Firstly a cutting tool is cut with wire cut EDM machine. Secondly the graphite wheel is lathed with the above cutting tool on the EDM repairing machine. And then the metal bonded diamond grinding wheel is repaired and reformed by the graphite wheel with the electrical discharge machining on the CNC EDM repairing machine.


 III. Advantages:

The machine has the following advantages, comparing the silicon carbide wheel grinding machine:

1.     The influence of human factors is smaller and the operation is easier;

2.     The repaired metal bonded diamond wheel has a higher accuracy and better reliability;

3.     The repairing metal bonded diamond wheel is sharper, with a better chip capacity and higher grinding efficiency;

4.     The repaired metal bonded diamond grinding wheel is shape accuracy and good durability;

5.     The machine is user friendly and has a longer usage life.

 IV. Specification:


EDM Repairing machine    






Outer diameter of repairable diamond wheel


Ø40- Ø400

Width of repairable diamond wheel



Type of repairable diamond wheel groove


any type

Dia. of  repairable diamond wheel inner   hole



Working fluid


EDM fluid

Machine size (L* W * H)


1270 * 1565 * 1628

Machine weight



Processing accuracy:

Cylindrical deviation of out circle  



Outer diameter tolerance 



Hole diameter tolerance



Hole depth tolerance



The best surface roughness for grinding



Position center tolerance of roll ring face




V. Machine Structure

1. EDM Repairing machine is composed of main machine and controller. The main machine is mainly composed of bed body, column, working fluid tank, head frame, tail frame, transmission box, working fluid system, large cover, etc.


2. The machine adopts the principle of EDM and uses the graphite wheel as the electrode to form the metal bonded diamond wheel in the working fluid (Fig. 3: processing schematic diagram).

 EDM machine for Diamond wheel forming and repairing.jpg

Figure 3: processing schematic diagram


3. The accuracy of the diamond wheel hole shape machined by the is guaranteed by the graphite wheel shaping sample cutter, and the accuracy of the shaping sample cutter is guaranteed by the CNC EDM wire cutter. Therefore, the diamond wheel hole shape machined has high accuracy and good reliability.


4. The main shaft of the graphite wheel of the transmission case is rotated at a fixed speed by the motor through the action of the transmission case belt, and adjusted and fed by the overhead cross carriage. On one side of the transmission case, there is a tool carriage (Fig. 4: structure diagram of the tool carriage). The graphite wheel is turned and formed by the forming sample cutter on the tool carriage.


Figure 4: structure diagram of the tool carriage


5. The formed graphite wheel is used as the electrode to process the diamond wheel in the working fluid. The diamond wheel and the flange of the wheel are positioned with the inner taper hole of the flange plate, fixed on the spindle, and the spindle supports the head frame and the tail frame. During the processing, the graphite wheel and the diamond wheel rotate in the same direction, and the processing status is automatically tracked by the servo.


6. The column is equipped with a cross carriage, which is used for adjusting the tool setting of the machine tool. The overhead cross carriage is equipped with a grating, which is used for coordinate display and convenient for adjusting the tool setting (Figure 5: schematic diagram of adjusting the tool setting of the machine tool).


 Tools setting and adjusting.jpg


Figure 5: schematic diagram of adjusting the tool setting of the machine tool

7. The controller is located at the side of the main machine, and the controller is equipped with processing power supply and control system. The machine is easy to operate, easy to learn and reliable. EDM pulse power supply is the specialty of pulse power supply of our company. The components and parts are selected carefully. The pulse width and stop gap are adjustable in ten positions. The voltage and current selection is convenient. It can reliably meet the requirements of diamond grinding wheel.


8. The power supply of diamond wheel shaping and dressing machine tool is three-phase 380V, 50Hz, and the total power is 3KVA. The electrical control cabinet is mainly driven by the step motor of the electric spark pulse power supply and the electrical appliances of the machine tool. The output main circuit of pulse power supply and stepping motor drive power supply adopts high-power V-MOS transistor, and the main vibration circuit and control circuit adopt dual in-line CMOS integrated circuit, which are all imported devices, with the advantages of small power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, convenient maintenance, etc.

9. The machine does not need special compressed air source and water source.

VI. Application field

High speed steel wire or rod factories, like Shenyang high speed steel wire plant, Pan steel high speed wire factory, and our machines are also exported to Thailand, Iran, and Vietnam and other overseas market.