0.2mm brass tube is used for drilling holes on the spinneret dies 

At the beginning of 2020, the corona virus spreads across the world quickly. To protect againt the corona virus, many people wear the N95 mask every day. 

small holes drilling on spinneret die.jpg

To make the mask, we have to make the PP melt blown nonwoven cloth with the spinneret dies. There are hundreds of holes of dia 0.25-0.3mm on the spinneret die. How to drill these small holes efficiently? In China, many clients drill the holes with small hole drill EDM machines with 0.2mm brass tube as electrode.


0.2mm brass tube is used as electrode tube to drill small holes of the spinneret dies with small hole drilling EDM machines. The spinneret dies are used for melt blown nonwoven cloth. 

drilling EDM tubes.jpg

And then the melt blown nonwoven cloth is used for N95 Masks making during the corona virus period.  We are offering the small hole drilling EDM machines and brass tubes now.

For anything we can do to help you on the drill EDM machine or brass tubes, please feel free to let us know.