The wire cut EDM machine of large travel and large taper is exported to Middle East Market successfully.


The popular wire cut EDM machine with a large taper (+/-30 degrees) is shipped to Middle East areas successfully at the beginning of September, 2018.


Our factory is focusing on the wire cut EDM machines of higher accuracy, larger travel, and larger taper. (The larger taper is cutting job, the harder to cut it, because the U/V axis travel becomes longer too for the larger taper machine). For example, the largest wire cut EDM machine we made is 2000*3000mm on X/Y travel which can be used for the larger auto parts mould making. And the max taper cutting degree is +/-30 degrees for the larger size wire cut EDM machine. In other word, if you need the special large wire cut machine with a special larger taper that you cannot find it in the market, please come to us for it. We can offer you a perfect solution with our wire cut EDM machine of higher accuracy, larger travel and larger taper.


The lead time is short in our wire cut EDM machines factory. Normally, the standard wire cut EDM machines delivery time is 1 month upon receipt of the confirmed purchasing order. As you may know, our competitors’ delivery time is around 3 months for they do not have enough main parts in stock.


To make sure the entire machine parts are sound goods when it arrives at our client’s site, we applied the Vacuum-inner package and wooden cases for all parts. And the machine was well fastened in the container too.


We believe that the wire cut EDM machine will be arrived safely in our client’s place soon and the client will be happy and satisfied with our machine high quality and nice after sales service.


If you are planning to buy the machines from us, you can be rest assured about our Wire cut EDM machines quality in future. And we will pay more attention to every detail during production, inspection, package, and shipment.